Thing 22: Developing your own we things…

In our library all the staff members participated in the 23Things and it was a weekly topic of conversation…”What did you learn, did you like it, did it make sense, HELP!!!! I don’t get this one.” The program raised the level of consciousness of all of us as to the usefulness of the various Things. Frankly, many of us didn’t know that some of the Things were adaptable for a library setting. I recognized that many like Facebook have been a big part of the life of many of our teenage patrons who battle for computer time on MySpace and Facebook. It helps to be able to guide patrons through some of the programs. I had had a question about U-tube earlier and struggled to help the patron. I think now I could attempt a better solution for him. Thanks! Our director is having each of us develop one aspect of a tech program that is adaptable to our library and present it to the other staff members.


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