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Thing 22: Developing your own 23 Things

August 1, 2009

All the staff members of our library have participated in the North Texas 23 program and it has been a subject of conversation each week. The questions are often, “What did you think of that one, how do you add a sub page, HELP I don’t get this one at all, I’m confused.”
One of the most helpful areas I found, in that we are a small library with a limited amount of reference material is the Library Thing and the other search modalities. There is no doubt that the teen patrons are very savvy about Facebook and MySpace, but some of them hadn’t figured out all the other information that they could generate for school and just general information. The director is having each of us choose one Thing to focus on and present to the staff as it would apply to our specific situation. I hope to use LibraryThing as my topic and share with staff as well as patrons.
I would also like to take the time to set up some instructional Podcasts as I saw done in some of the other libraries that were featured.


Thing23: Reflection

August 1, 2009

My favorite Thing was Library Thing…I do a lot of library research personally and also for patrons and Library Thing had some marvelous categories and collections. I had been limited more toward Google, Wikipedia, well known sites and this one opened a huge search field that was easily accessed and well presented. Patrons liked it, even those who aren’t super savvy on the computer.
The 23 Things presented modalities that I had not known before. I plan to take time during the next few months to review many of the Things that I went through too quickly due to work-time constraints. Some have interesting tangents that are very appealing, eg, Wiki.
My least favorite Things were those that dealt with personal sharing, as Facebook. I explained that because of past professional history I was advised and chose to use a pseudonym…
In our library we are planning on having each staff member choose a Thing to flesh out as it would apply to our situation. I hope to do Library Thing…we are a small library and have a limited reference section and LT opens up huge areas of information which we can share with our patrons. I’m already planning two displays which features background on Western novel genre and British detective fiction. Thanks to all who did the huge amount of work to set up this program for the rest of us!

Thing 21 Podcasts

July 23, 2009

Denver Public Library has a great podcast of readings of children’s books, well chosen and well read, quality fine.
Most of the screen savers would produce vertigo, but that’s a small matter. Johns Hopkins Ask a Librarian was a conversation of question and answer between 2 people, one of whom was tentative and hesitant, the other handled the information well. Also JH’s Who’s Citing Whom was well presented except there was about 30 seconds of music before the information. They also had Web of Sciience that actually included science, literature and art. The speaker commented that this was confusing and many non science people avoided the site. There was no explanation for why the name had not been changed.
Washington State Univ.’s bookmarking from home was a clear walk through the process. EPN Educational Tech Podcast had some interesting information that visual ICT favors male students who are more visual. Well presented, clear audio.

Thing 20 YouTube

July 22, 2009

I checked out Texas library, school library, academic library and library event. Plano Library presentation was fast paced, well spoken and informative on their technical services, including good photos of the staff. The TexShare presentation had lovely music, but seemed slow paced with limited information for the time it took. TesShare was more and advert and it did incite interest. Videos in previous 23Things were very helpful and much appreciated, most of us are tuned in to movement, someone explaining and showing how to do things, rather than just reading the words from a page. This is especially true of our young patrons. In our library there are often questions by parents who see written ads for our children’s programs and story times and a video of past events would help them to see if these programs are suitable for their family. I liked the ads with “do you know” questions that promote interest. Would love to see some of these on the net and TV directing people to their local libraries…although many people just scan the net themselves.

Thing 19 Google Docs

July 16, 2009

This thing is obviously of huge practical importance, many of the staff and some students are already using it on a daily basis. I found the instructions easy to access and spent a lot of time playing with the various options. Will use the templates frequently as they are well written and easy to follow. Hope not to have to use the resume personally as I like the library job I have at present. The presentation area is much easier to use than the one I now have available.
The charts are readily visible and easy to access. One caveat: the e-mail is one I will hardly choose to remember.

Thing 18 Wiki

July 15, 2009

This “thing” seemed to have a lot of tangents that were necessary to explore in order to set up the page and present the information properly. Some of the “things” were more of a linear set up whereas this one was like a branching tree winding around. In searching, I went to Cambridge University Library and found the discussions and comments particularly interesting as there were contributors who obviously felt strongly about the format and had studied it in detail. I have used Wikipedia frequently and turn to it because of the format presentation that is so easy to follow, especially the lists of content on the left box, gets me to the salient points in a hurry.I would like to set up a Wiki on a more interesting topic than the writer.

Thing 7:RSS feeds

July 9, 2009

This is getting more practical and useful as the possibilities expand. Great time saver! With the introduction I was a bit confused, but as I spent time exploring RSS it made much more sense and I loved the Library of Congress site as well as Tame the Web.
I can only imagine all the work that went into producing this great program. Thanks

Thing 16:Library thing

July 9, 2009

So far of all the “things” this is my personal favorite and would use if for the library frequently. As a collector this is a great way to find bibliographies, share, swap, see covers. Also a quick way to access hundreds of world wide library catalogues! So many of the items I search for either for me or for patrons are out of print and it is great to be able to snoop(oh! that isn’t a great word, but it says it all) around for what wonderful library has it. Yea! Well presented instructions, easy to follow site, gets 5 stars.

Thing 12 Twitter

July 9, 2009

Seems Twitter is always on the news and people use it in restaurants, in the library, wherever. Great for those of us who have family and friends scattered all over the world where time zones sometime prevent a phone call, Twitter works well. After being introduced to Twitter it has appeared on the cover of magazines, been the focus of political responses in Iran…obviously a major force in technology today.
As most of us in our local library speak daily we are not at present using it but to be in contact with those in other libraries it is wonderful.

Comment on Thing 8-10

July 9, 2009

Great ideas, especially liked Ning with custom profiles for various sites. Found there is a site for literature for apes! Unfortunately because of personal safety issues left over from my previous profession Thing 8-10 was done with a pseudonym. This was approved by our library director who also had contacted the staff at North Texas 23 who concurred. I thank you for this.
However it was important to learn how to help others learn to do these sites as well as fulfilling the requirements for North Texas 23. I did read and work through the assigment as Leigh Sayers.
For some reason(probably my ineptitude) some blogs were saved but not posted, will have them out of order, sorry.