Thing23: Reflection

My favorite Thing was Library Thing…I do a lot of library research personally and also for patrons and Library Thing had some marvelous categories and collections. I had been limited more toward Google, Wikipedia, well known sites and this one opened a huge search field that was easily accessed and well presented. Patrons liked it, even those who aren’t super savvy on the computer.
The 23 Things presented modalities that I had not known before. I plan to take time during the next few months to review many of the Things that I went through too quickly due to work-time constraints. Some have interesting tangents that are very appealing, eg, Wiki.
My least favorite Things were those that dealt with personal sharing, as Facebook. I explained that because of past professional history I was advised and chose to use a pseudonym…
In our library we are planning on having each staff member choose a Thing to flesh out as it would apply to our situation. I hope to do Library Thing…we are a small library and have a limited reference section and LT opens up huge areas of information which we can share with our patrons. I’m already planning two displays which features background on Western novel genre and British detective fiction. Thanks to all who did the huge amount of work to set up this program for the rest of us!


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