Thing 22: Developing your own 23 Things

All the staff members of our library have participated in the North Texas 23 program and it has been a subject of conversation each week. The questions are often, “What did you think of that one, how do you add a sub page, HELP I don’t get this one at all, I’m confused.”
One of the most helpful areas I found, in that we are a small library with a limited amount of reference material is the Library Thing and the other search modalities. There is no doubt that the teen patrons are very savvy about Facebook and MySpace, but some of them hadn’t figured out all the other information that they could generate for school and just general information. The director is having each of us choose one Thing to focus on and present to the staff as it would apply to our specific situation. I hope to use LibraryThing as my topic and share with staff as well as patrons.
I would also like to take the time to set up some instructional Podcasts as I saw done in some of the other libraries that were featured.


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