Thing 21 Podcasts

Denver Public Library has a great podcast of readings of children’s books, well chosen and well read, quality fine.
Most of the screen savers would produce vertigo, but that’s a small matter. Johns Hopkins Ask a Librarian was a conversation of question and answer between 2 people, one of whom was tentative and hesitant, the other handled the information well. Also JH’s Who’s Citing Whom was well presented except there was about 30 seconds of music before the information. They also had Web of Sciience that actually included science, literature and art. The speaker commented that this was confusing and many non science people avoided the site. There was no explanation for why the name had not been changed.
Washington State Univ.’s bookmarking from home was a clear walk through the process. EPN Educational Tech Podcast had some interesting information that visual ICT favors male students who are more visual. Well presented, clear audio.


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